The Campanier, our non-profit fanzine, returns to talk about itself through the illustrations and stories of the Campania artists.

Taking our cue from Lucio Dalla’s song, Disperato Erotico Stomp, a song written in the 70s with ironic but always topical themes, we let ourselves be inspired, and from the suggestions it came out a very complex discourse that passes from the role of sexuality in society to the knowledge of libido in the present day.

Months ago we organized a call for this volume, with the intent to expand our connections, and the response was really amazing to be only on our second issue, we received both texts and illustrations.

For our moodboard we chose pink, the color for excellence of sensuality and eroticism. But not a simple rose, but the brilliant pink or shocking pink also known as Schiaparelli pink, named from the Italian designer Elsa Schiaparelli, who made this color popular in 1936 thanks to her perfume Shocking de Schiaparelli, whose packaging was shocking pink, while the bottle it contained was modeled on the torso of the actress Mae West, and that color has inspired many of the most important artists, first of all Salvador Dali, who had so much to say about eroticism.


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